Confidence Gap

confidence gap“Closing the Confidence Gap” is the cover story in May’s Atlantic magazine. Two prominent women journalists chronicle their findings. After years of interviewing accomplished women, they are surprised to find that most experience a lack of confidence no matter how successful they are.  They cite studies that reveal that men overestimate their performances and women underestimate them. Yet they do not differ in quality.

Yes, you are right. (Wo)man up!

Love, Mom


One thought on “Confidence Gap

  1. There is no doubt that it is true. I can attest to one abberation, however. With four daughters, four granddaughter, two sisters and a wife, I have never overestimated anything relating to me and always feel that women do better. In case my wife reads this I think I will be okay with this reply. I do believe that if women were running this world we would all be better off.


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