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Where have all the PFLAG Moms Gone? Guest Blog

From time to time we share the essays and letters of guest bloggers.  This week, we are pleased to publish another post from Michelle Dooley.  Michelle is Vice President of PFLAG San Antonio and we met her in person for the first time this past October at the PFLAG national conference in Portland, OR.  She is also the mother of Matt Dooley.  Happy Mother’s Day Michelle, and all the wonderful PFLAG moms out there!

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The Quiet Activism of Truth

Linda writes to Christopher on Father’s Day about the importance of vocal activism as well as how “telling the truth has it’s own important activism.” 

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Family Data

Dear Mom,

In 2013, the Supreme Court heard arguments in the case which eventually declared California’s Proposition 8—banning marriage between same-sex couples—unconstitutional. During oral arguments, Anthony Kennedy asked “The voice of those children (of same-sex couples) is important in this case, don’t you think?” Continue reading Family Data